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Diabetes management

Welcome to the Queen Square Diabetes Care Program!

Why am I in this Program?

The Diabetes Care Program is offered to patients, 18 years or older, rostered by a family physician at Queen Square Doctors. This program will help you to prevent, manage, and/or delay pre-diabetes and Type II Diabetes Mellitus (Diabetes) and related diseases such as heart disease or stroke. You will work with the Program team in conjunction with your family physician to set and work towards your personal blood sugar and health targets. Once you meet these goals, you will continue to see your family physician for your diabetes care. Our team will support you to work at your own pace. A physician referral is required.

Who is on the Program Team?

The Diabetes Care Team includes the following healthcare providers that you may see depending on your care needs:


Registered Dietitian (RD) Provide Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) to help you make changes to the way you eat to help reach blood sugar targets and other health goals.
Nurse Practitioner (NP) Provide medication management related to diabetes and assist with identifying and supporting the management of complications related to diabetes.
Registered Pharmacist The pharmacist will conduct a medication review to ensure safe and effective use of your medications.
Chiropodist (foot specialist) Foot care is important to prevent the possibility of developing a wound or infection that may lead to the loss of a limb and possible mobility. You will learn to care for your feet with our Chiropodist (open to those that cannot access this care, non-insured or without extended private coverage).
Mental Health Support If you are experiencing mental health-related challenges that could impact your diabetes management, you may be referred to a Mental Health Worker who will provide 1-on-1 counselling


What will happen while I am in the Program?

Below are the appointments you can generally expect to attend while you are in the program.

  • Diabetes Care Group Education Session
  • Initial and follow-up appointments with RD to create and follow up on your lifestyle changes
  • Regular Diabetes visits with your family doctor

Where required:

  • Medication Review for patients on many medications by Registered Pharmacist
  • Meet with NP to adjust medications while you make lifestyle changes
  • Referral to Optometrist for Retinal Screening
  • Where required connect to Chiropodist for management of foot issues. For individuals uninsured or without extended private coverage an appointment with the Queen Square Chiropodist will be arranged

Once you reach your goals and targets:

  • Continue diabetes care back to the family doctor once your personal blood sugar target is achieved
  • Review care plan outlining yearly activities to live well with or prevent Diabetes

Helpful Resources

Canadian Diabetes Association website –