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Virtual Visits With Your Family Health Team Providers

To ensure we can continue to provide you with ongoing care during the pandemic, we have implemented Virtual Visits. Our goal is to keep you, your family, and your care team safe.

Virtual Visits can include: Telephone or Video

We are rolling this out temporarily for now. Once the pandemic is over, we will determine if/how virtual visits may continue.

When you book a visit with one of your Family Health Team providers, we will determine with you if the visit can be conducted virtually. You will be asked if you consent to a visit in this way. This includes agreement to the following:

  • We use video and audio technology so we can see and hear each other
  • We recommend you be in a quiet place for your virtual visit so that others cannot overhear the session, unless you want to include others in your visit. Please tell us who is with you.
  • You will be asked for details of what is happening and your health history – these questions may be very personal and sensitive
  • Details of your virtual visit will be recorded in your health record just like in an in-person visit
  • We will not make a recording of the virtual visit. We ask that you not record the visit either.


  • Virtual visits are not appropriate for emergencies – please call 9-1-1
  • In the event of a crisis situation, there must be a safety plan that includes at least one emergency contact on record, and your provider must be aware of the location of the Emergency Department closest to me
  • We may not be able to have a virtual visit with you if we need to touch you as part of the examination


  • We have taken appropriate steps to preserve your privacy based on this emergency situation
  • However, we cannot provide you with the same guarantee of security and confidentiality as if you were seen in person
  • Our providers who are conducting the virtual visit may be working from home because of the pandemic – they will also try to find a quiet place away from others in their household
  • We use a platform that is encrypted and meets privacy standards for the delivery of health care services
  • We recommend using a secure internet connection rather than public/free wifi


  • It is possible there could be a problem with the technology and your session could be cut short or interrupted; Your provider may contact you on the primary phone number on record to reach you to restart or reschedule the visit
  • The quality of the video or audio may not be good enough for a health care provider to assist you virtually or could negatively impact the quality of the care you receive

Please contact our office if you have any questions or speak with your provider.